Academy for Arabic and Islamic Studies

Denver Islamic Society Weekend School, Al Noor Academy for Arabic & Islamic Studies vision is to empower Muslim children with awakened minds, inspired hearts, and enlightened actions.

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Weekend Arabic & Islamic Studies School in Denver

Muslim children in the Denver, Colorado area are facing diverse challenges in their schools and communities. They are influenced by mainstream youth culture, peer pressure, social media and the Internet. These compounding influences confuse the minds of our Muslim youth. It is a tough job to help them balance their Islamic identity with their American identity.

It is our mission and commitment at Al-Noor academy to help our Muslim students understand and appreciate Islam with all its richness, values, and principles, and provide them with stepping stones to accept Islam as the chosen “way” of their lives.

  • Weekend classes from 9AM - 2PM
  • Stay connected to Islamic principles
  • Focused on Arabic & Islamic Studies
  • Guaranteed results
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Academic Year - 2023

Al Noor Academy is now accepting registrations for the academic year. The school year starts on January 07, 2023 insha'allah. We also encourage you to join our community WhatsApp group to be updated with school work and activities.

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We are always looking for smart, committed and caring  people to help us educate the next generation of muslim leaders.

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What We Believe

Direct teaching of Islamic principles and values are critical in raising committed Muslim citizens living in the West.

Parents play a critical role in instilling Islamic morals and values in their children.

Islamic schools have the responsibility to instill Islamic ideologies in our youth.


The Fourth Pillar of Islam

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and it is when all muslims fast from sunrise all the way to sunset, An important thing that all muslims know when fasting is why they fast what is their purpose?

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