Salah and its importance. Salah is the second and one of the most important pillars of Islam. It is performed at least 5 times a day.

Sally Qartabeel


           Hi, my name is Sally, kartabil. I am currently living in Denver, Colorado. I was born in Syria and I have had quite a journey as a Muslim youth. Today I have picked the topic of salah because I felt like to me it was one of the most important pillars of Islam knowing thatit defines every single Muslim and could help build character in a person. I will be answering the following as we move along this journey. Why is salahi mportant? How was salah instructed upon us Muslims? What are the components and pillars of salah? What is needed to perform an intentional salah? What are some suggestions I have that could help others have a meaningful salah?  I am proud as a Muslim youth that Donald trump united states president gave us the right to pray anywhere and anytime we want. Watch this video down below to see this miracle:


           Why is salah important? Salah is thedividing line between Islam and disbelief. As Nouman Ali khan said that prophetMuhammad narrated pbuh that salah is the main pillar and central pillareverything revolves around it because if humans don't have salah then Muslimsdon't have anything. Many people might feel like salah is an obligation but tothink about it, it is a gift. It is one of the many ways, but one of the mostimportant ways that we could communicate with our beloved Allah. Salah just tomake it clear, does not help Allah whether you do it or not it does not affectAllah; it affects you as a Muslim. Allah has given some people beauty andothers different talents. That is what makes us all unique and to find that oneof the most important ways to thank Allah is an obligation might feel like anightmare to some people who revolve around salah. In the Quran surat alBaqarah 2:238 Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala states,” Bismillah al Rahman arRaheem...

ProphetMuhammad PBUH said: The first thing about which person will be asked on the dayof judgment will be salah.”  

How was salah instructed upon Muslims? Salah was instructed first as 50 prayers for Muslims.In detail-

It was narrated thatAnas ibn Maalik said: Abu Dharr narrated that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The roof of my house was split open when I was in Makkah, and Jibreel (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)came down and split open my chest and washed it with Zamzam water. Then he brought a golden vessel filled with wisdom and faith and poured it into mychest, then he sealed it. Then he took me by the hand and ascended with me intothe lowest heaven. Then Allaah enjoined my ummah fifty prayers, and I came backuntil I passed by Moosa who said, ‘What has Allaah enjoyed upon your Ummah?’ Isaid, ‘He has enjoined fifty prayers.’ He said, ‘Go back to your Lord, for yourummah will not be able to bear that.’ So I went back and He reduced it. Then Icame back to Moosa and said, ‘He has reduced it.’ He said, ‘Go back to yourLord, for your ummah will not be able to bear that.’ So I went back and Hereduced it further. Then I came back to Moosa and said, ‘He has reduced itfurther.’ He said, ‘Go back to your Lord, for your ummah will not be able tobear that.’ So I went back and He said, ‘(The prayers) are five but (thereward) is fifty. The Sentence that comes from Me cannot be changed [cf. Qaaf50:29].’ Then I went back to Moosa and he said, ‘Go back to your Lord.’ But Isaid, ‘I feel shy before my Lord.’…”

Narrated byal-Bukhaari, 342; Muslim, 163

What are thecomponents and pillars of salah? Cleanliness. This includes your clothes andbody, and where the salah is performed. 2. Covering the body- The messenger ofAllah PBUH said: None of you should observe salah in a single garment whichdoes not cover his shoulders.``[ Bukhari and muslim] In the case of a woman, tocover all of her body except the hands and the face. And last of all begging ofthe stated time.

An ayah stated surah al-Anisa 4:103 Allahstates,” Bismillah Rahman ar Raheem…

Face the qiblah and make the intention of the prayer that is about to be performed to start your prayer raise your hand to your ears and say Allahu akbar. Say:

Placehands over chest right over left and say al Fatiha and surah. Then say AllahuAkbar and bend down put your hands on your knees make sure your back and headare at the same level and say subhaana raabiyal Azeem 3 times at least and thensay subbuhun quddusun rabbul malaikati wa-rooh. Rise from ruku and raise your handsand say Sami Allahu liman hamidah. Then say rabbana wa lakal hamdu katheerantayyiban mubarakan feeh. Saying Allahu akbar bow down to the floor put yourhands by your head and say subhana rabbi al atheem and then say subhanakalAllahumma rabbana wa bihamdika allahummaghfirlii then say Allahu Akbar foldyour left foot and sit on it and keep right foot upright toward the qiblah andthen do the same again. Then stand up and repeat the first rakha. After two yousit in the middle and say

Thendo two rakat without saying small surah after Fatiha and after you have donethis sit on your left foot right foot toes toward qibla and say:

Saythe tashahhud and also say:



What is needed to perform an intentional salah?

❏    Intention because it is what makes that difference between doing salah and doing cardiovascular movements.


❏    Time and effort to communicate with Allah.

❏    Look at the place you are praying [look in front of you on the ground]

❏    Change suwar in different rikah so that you focus on what you are saying and what you are doing.

❏    Set your mindset in the right place[remember you are talking to someone who helps you achieve everything and with a blink of an eye or even quicker he can accomplish more than this universe itself[remember that he can accomplish their possible so ask him anything you want!]

❏    Have khushoo

❏    You are meeting GOD so wear your best clothes, get yourself ready, put some perfume, do your hair, and maybe even brush your teeth.

Suratal Fath ayat 29 states,”

●      Pray for forgiveness and thankfulness.


One suggestion that I have for having meaningful salah is remembering that you are praying for the one who created everything you see around you and that he created you, that you are standing in his hands in sujood you are as close to him as you will ever be in this world so take salah seriously. I am Sally Khartabil and thank you for your time.




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